Wednesday, July 20, 2011


What they are saying about THIRTEEN
Dave Thedead
Yes brother talk soon >>> fuck them all
and their scenes >>>> I love Deathrasher
>>> amazing Interviews

Kam Lee

Got the package the other day...
just haven't had time to write...
want to THANK YOU again... and for the record...
because of this recent Rozz / Butler ASSACRE joke...
you can see WHY - i could never work with those two guys.
Rick actually has been making "death threats" to me...
and if you happen to read all their idiot comments on BLABBERMOUTH,
all they care about is $money... it's all they argue to everyone
about... it's their main concern... NOT once do they even mention
they are doing it for the fans... or giving fans what they want...
all they ever bitch about is $money$... what a couple of opportunist.
Off the record... I've been speaking to......
Yeah that part is off the record so you won't see it from me.

Gord Kirchin
I gots mine!!!! And what a great read...
takes ya back... and it's eye-opening too.. lotsa
truthiness goin' on in those pages... makes ya sad too...
sad for the scene/s of today. Glad we'll all be dyin'
off as it gets worse and worse.

Christine Make Up
F*ck yea, thanks!
Tuesday at 2:08pm via iPhone

Michael Borders
Dude, got my copies Saturday,
lots of memories of the glory
days of fanzines. Good job man,
and for the next issue I will
donate my huge stack of photos
of 80's metal skanks for a
special feature if you like
June 13 at 7:54am ·

Dave Thedead
June 10 at 9:55am ·
I received your 2 copies of
deathrasher 13 today >>> they were packed so
nice and signed by you the legend >>>
many thnx John >>> I've read the massacre
interview immediately >>> Mike borders sounds
very cool >>> I'm going
to read the sacrificial blood , master and
ozz interview next >>> I could
probably read the whole thing out today but
I got many dvd's to watch and
things to do around the apartment

Jason Lewis posted to Bon Jon
got my zines yesterday! i spent the evening
crackin a few cold brews and reading. good stuff man.

Gord Kirchin
And... since I'm of the privileged few so far...
I gotta say, it's an AWEsome read...
so many TRUTHS being told on every page. Awesome.
thanks again!

Cannibal Ferox June 24
Hi My fríend thanks so much My wife received the pack yesterday ,
the zine seems so very beautiful and precious I liked a lot!!!
I will prepare a pack for you in the next days, thanks again and
I'm very glad with you!!!

Venom / Slayer died many years ago > Some idiot from Canada said I was a misguided fan. He was the start of asshole-ism in metal (1995)

The only Heavy Metal fanzine / books / magazines I recommend is Deathrasher Thirteen. No other zine move's me in metal today. I supported many zines in the day and that's all that matters. Most are scams today. LIMITED OF 50 copies. SALE FOR ONE WEEK $7. PPD IN THE USA. ONLY TIL NEXT TUESDAY

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