Tuesday, February 22, 2011



"Boston doesn't need a front the scene is bad enough"

The last recording.... Biography. P.T.L KLUB were among the Hardcore Thrash bands to spring up in the Boston area during the glorious mid 80's... Playing a straight ahead style, devoid of most metallic influences that had a grip-hold on most area bands, P.T.L KLUB were not trendies come lately...Two members toiled in "The Genral Foodzs", an overlooked early Boston Punk band who released a killer single, "Be So Funny", in 1980. The band started out as a trio in 1984. With Chris Lillyman, (Bass Guitar) Ron Domenici (Drums) and Rob Domenici (Guitar). They released a seven song demo tape titled "Psalm 7"...They made their initial mark, yielding enthusiastic reviews, opening a sold out show for Flipper at The Channel in South Boston. Soon after in late August of 1984, they were joined by oldest Domenici brother Ray, aka Dr. Death. In January of 1985 the band recorded their first L.P. titled 13 Comandments. Their recording was soon picked up by Doug Moody of Mystic Records in Carlsbad C.A... With this new line up, the iconic foursome went to perform in many area and distant venues, creating quite a stir in the Hardcore Scene... They opened for such acts as Corrosion of Conformity, The Circle Jerks, 7 Seconds, The Cro-Mags, etc... In late 1986 they recorded the E.P. titled Living Death, also on the Mystic label. In early 1987, they went on tour through the East Coast, playing to sell-out audiences... Latter that year they recorded and re-released the original Psalm 7 - Living Death 2. Still playing as many live shows as possible... Unleashing their ferocious, chaotic music to teens and adults alike, P.T.L KLUB along with Deathrasher Fanzine collaborated on their final E.P. titled Nobody Cares Anymore, which was distributed throughout most of North America and Europe in 1987. Their 1988 tour was well attended everywhere, unfortunately it would be their farewell tour. Though disbanding in 1989... there have been several reunion shows consisting of the original lineup between 1999 - 2006. ........ ........ ........It's the Real thing ........ A Very Special Thanks To Deathrasher Fanzine and John for his efforts throughout the years. Without his help this material would not even exist... Photos by Val Nosal. In Memory of Val Nosal 1966-2009 RIP. ........1983 - 1989 Boston Hardcore

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